Focus Education is a leading organisation providing advice and educational support to primary schools and academies.

Focus Education is a national educational consultancy company based in the North of England, offering a range of CPD courses, education resources and education inset consultancy to support continuing professional development.
Our consultants are experts in supporting primary schools and academies in areas such as the National Curriculum, Ofsted changes, Ofsted Inspection Training for education and School Leadership.

The latest news and blog from Focus Education

Reflecting on Effective Self-Evaluation

“Without proper self-evaluation, failure is inevitable” is a quote I found online when doing a bit of research. Well, I was Googling stuff really, but ‘research’ sounds more consultant-ish. Any idea who said it? Sir Michael Wilshaw perhaps? Or maybe you’re thinking it’s from a blog entry by a beleaguered headteacher recounting the first words […]

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How Safeguarding Training Aids Child Protection

Educators hold a unique role in child protection. It is highly likely that you, the teacher, are the adult that a child spends the most time with after their own parents or guardians. This means that teachers play a key role in reporting incidents of abuse or neglect among pupils. Accurate, appropriate and swift reporting […]

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