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Ros has over 30 years’ experience working in teaching and leadership roles in schools, both nationally and internationally, as well as leadership roles within Local Authority advisory teams.
With extensive experience in all aspects of school improvement and contexts, as well as specialisms in English and EAL, Ros has developed inspirational, creative resources and training which puts English at the heart of the curriculum.

(Not another) Blog about Phonics

(Not Another Blog) About Phonics… Many, me included, have plenty to say about phonics. My Twitter feed regularly features links to blogs on the subject of phonics. These cover a wide spectrum of views, from those who would advocate a phonics first and phonics only approach to reading, to those... View Article

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Teaching Poetry in Primary Schools.

Teaching poetry in primary schools There is still an elephant in the room! We all know that we need to include poetry in our teaching. We all know that children need to listen to, discuss, respond to, perform and write poetry. However, the elephant remains – large, grey and unmoving!... View Article

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Handwriting in primary schools

Blog about handwriting? Would there be enough to blog about? I began to think. I remember my grandfather telling me how he had to learn exquisitely perfect copperplate handwriting on a slate. If that was not challenging enough, he was left-handed and his teacher tied his left hand behind his... View Article

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