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Ros has over 30 years’ experience working in teaching and leadership roles in schools, both nationally and internationally, as well as leadership roles within Local Authority advisory teams.
With extensive experience in all aspects of school improvement and contexts, as well as specialisms in English and EAL, Ros has developed inspirational, creative resources and training which puts English at the heart of the curriculum.

EAL Learners and the New Curriculum

EAL Learners in primary schools The group of children that we “name” EAL learners, is not a homogeneous group. These children come from many different ethnicities, different cultural experiences, different life experiences (some of them challenging and traumatic), and different educational experiences and expectations. What they all have in common... View Article

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Doha and Back Again

My experience doing inset abroadOn a grey, wintery day, I was asked, “Would you be interested in some inset abroad in Doha?” I love to travel and see new places, but, having taught in international schools myself, I am also interested in working with the particular needs of these schools to... View Article

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Getting to Grips with Grammar

Why should we teach grammar? Well, we now have an intense focus on grammar within the statutory English curriculum, so that is certainly one reason! Much more than that, however, is that grammar is about language. It is about how words are chosen, how sentences are written, how effective detail... View Article

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Guided Reading in the Curriculum

Guided reading has become a “hot” topic and I am finding myself spending a lot of time working with schools on developing effective practice. With the real focus on reading in the 2014 curriculum, many schools are reviewing their teaching of reading. Approach to Guided ReadingSchools approach guided reading in... View Article

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