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Free Update: Sir Martyn Oliver begins term at Ofsted with mental health awareness training for inspectors

Press release: The new His Majesty’s Chief Inspector begins with an immediate package of training for inspectors, a response to the Ruth Perry inquest and a Big Listen.   Key messages Sir Martyn Oliver begins 5-year term as His Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Education, Children’s Services and Skills. Immediate package... View Article

I Spy a New Term

Before writing the usual blogs about all things educational that will appear throughout the year, I thought I would put together something that stems from the Summer holidays before they are too much of a distant memory and we all get back into the swing of a new term. On... View Article

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The Summer Break

Some of you will have finished for the Summer already; others will still have a few days to go, but at least those colleagues will be feeling smug in September when the early birds are back at the chalk face. Whenever you do finish term you will of course be... View Article

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