Focus Education and 2Eskimos Reading Assessment App.

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Reading Assessment app

Focus Education and 2Eskimos have developed a reading assessment app. 

Primary education resource and consultancy provider, Focus Education have formed a partnership with 2Eskimos – the software development company behind the popular ‘2Build a Profile’ assessment systems.

For over 15 years, 2Eskimos have created apps to help efficiency and effectiveness of teachers’ time. 2Eskimos is well known for its ‘2Build a Profile’ app, which tracks pupils’ progress from Reception through to the end of Primary. It has won awards with BETT and ERA.

2Eskimos and Focus Education have developed a new reading assessment app that allows teachers to record pupils reading out loud and highlight any mistakes made during the reading; the app then calculates the pupil’s reading age.

“We have worked with 2Eskimos previously on other projects and found them excellent partners,” said Claire Duggan, Operations Director of Focus Education. “Once we discontinued our own assessment system ‘Fingertips’, ‘2Build a Profile’ was suggested as an alternative and we have now transferred all of our existing customers over to this software and received excellent feedback.

“Reading assessments are a notoriously time-consuming task, so we’re hoping to save teachers some valuable time with this new application.

“We are so excited by our partnership with 2Eskimos. We are currently working on a number of projects will support school leaders and teachers within primary schools.”

Check out QA’s full article about this exciting partnership here. You can purchase the app by following this link: Reading Assessment App

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