Physical Geography Learning Challenge Curriculum Plan

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Free Focus Education Learning Challenge Curriculum Template

Our free Learning Challenge ‘What makes the Earth angry?’ sample plan will help primary school teachers to provide their pupils with a fun and engaging primary curriculum. This sample plan is based on the Learning Challenge approach. You might want to amend the plan to fit with your specific pupils and the subjects you are teaching. This particular plan comes from the Geography Learning Challenge Curriculum.

If you’d like to see more of the Focus Education Learning Challenge Curriculum, please visit our online shop or check out our Learning Challenge website: The website includes videos, images, resources, case studies, Ofsted reviews, planning support, and more, which will help you to develop your understanding of the Learning Challenge and how it works.

Geography Learning Challenge Curriculum Infograph

The content of “What makes the Earth angry?” is taken from our Geography and History Learning Challenge book by Clive Davies. To see sample pages click here. This free sample reflects how the Learning Challenge Curriculum takes a core question and then breaks it up into different learning challenges to cover the curriculum over the year, providing pupils with a truly fun and engaging primary curriculum.

Links to numeracy, literacy and the arts are linked to the learning challenges. It also covers mastery and greater depth challenges.

Learning Challenge Feedback from primary schools

Birstall Learning Challenge Curriculum Review

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Clifton Learning Challenge Curriculum Review

Want to see more?

If you would like to take a look at another FREE Learning Challenge Curriculum plan on wild animals, click here. This plan has been taken from the Science Learning Challenge Curriculum by Clive Davies.

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