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Handwriting analysis (also known as graphology), is the understanding of a person’s personality, by examining their individual handwriting style.

What to look for when analysing your handwriting:

  • Large Letters: This person has a big personality. Wants to feel understood and noticed. People Oriented.
    Small Letters: Strong focus and concentration. Sometimes introspective and shy.                                         Connected letters: Logical, methodical and makes decisions carefully.
  • Letters mostly not connected: Intelligent and intuitive.
  • Slants left: Prefers to work alone.
  • Slants right: Heart centred, sentimental and impulsive. Highly values family and friends
  • Not slanted at all: Practical, logical, quite emotionally protected.
    Slashed i’s: Overly self critical, doesn’t have a lot of patience for inadequacy or people who don’t learn from their mistakes.
  • High dot on i: Focuses on tiny details rather than the bigger picture
  • No dot on i: Reckless and poor memory
  • Dotted i, well spaced from line: Doesn’t like clutter and pays attention to detail.
  • Dot right over the i: Detail oriented and organised
  • Broad Y: Has a large circle of friends
  • Letters open at the bottom: Not following heart. Perhaps went into a career in finance when dream was to be something more creative.
  • Crossed t: High goals and self esteem.
  • Retraced t: Good worker, disciplined and self controlled.
  • Heavy Pressure: Strong emotions, feels things intensely. May react quickly. Great deal of energy.
  • Light Pressure: This person might be more flexible that someone with heavy pressured writing.  Could also suggest less energy.
  • Wide spacing: Wide spacing between words could imply this person is independent and reserved.
  • Narrow spacing: Close spacing between words could imply this person likes contact with people and to be sociable.

We hope that this summary has been of some assistance when you are analysing your handwriting.

The picture below shows handwriting analysis of four members of the Focus team, with four very different handwriting styles and four very different personalities. The results were remarkable!


To read more about handwriting and the importance of it, please take a look at our latest Handwriting blog, follow our English consultant Ros Ferrara on Twitter @focusrosf or call the Focus office on 01457 821 818.

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