Learning Challenge Curriculum Competition – Win £250 for your school!

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Competition Closed

Are you using the Learning Challenge Curriculum? Win £250 for your school.

Are you a school using Focus Education’s Learning Challenge Curriculum or considering using it?  You could win £250. All you need to do is show us how you’re using it!

How do I enter?

We are inviting schools to submit a unit of work that they have completed with their class. This can be on any area of the curriculum and about any particular subject. There are two possible awards; Key Stage 1 LC Unit and Key Stage 2 LC Unit. You can submit your entry in a number of ways; email us here, or send it on a CD or USB to Focus Education (UK) Ltd, Talking Point, Huddersfield Road, Scouthead, Saddleworth, OL4 4AG. All submissions must include a completed entry form.

Please note, you can enter as many classes in your school as you like, and as many units as you want.

The details…

Once you’ve got your completed unit, we ask that you submit it in any format you like.  This can be a completed video reflection that the children have produced, photographs of displays and the children learning throughout, examples of the children’s work, video clips of the children learning.  All we ask is that you accompany this evidence with our entry form (which has a few easy to answer questions).  We don’t want you to do any additional work.  We just want to see what you’ve been doing with our LC curriculum).

The deadline…

The deadline has been extended until the 9th July 2018 due to demand from schools.  You have until then to teach and complete a unit with your children and submit the evidence of this unit.  You might have previously taught a unit and had such an amazing experience you decide to submit this one, or you might want to reteach a previous unit and submit that one instead.  It doesn’t have to be a current year group.  It just has to be a unit you have taught in full, from beginning to end.

What do we win?

There are 2 prizes.  One for the best Key Stage 1 Unit and one for the best Key Stage 2 Unit.  The submitted units will be judged by 3 of our educational consultants.  The deadline is 9th July 2018.  The winners will be announced by 18th July.  Each winner will receive £250 cash to spend on their school.  There are no restrictions on what this can be spent on.  The only condition is that we get a photo of the winners with their prize.  We’d also like to do a follow up later on with photos of what you spend the money on and what it means to your school.

What does Focus Education get out of it?

By agreeing to enter this you are giving us your photos and video clips.  We can put these on our Learning Challenge website to show other schools how fantastic it is and how other schools are using it.

We get to promote our curriculum even more and you get to show off how good a teacher you are, how brilliant your pupils are, AND you get to win your school £250!

Not using the Learning Challenge Curriculum?

If you are not using the Learning Challenge Curriculum and are interested in finding out more, visit the website at www.learningchallengecurriculum.com or telephone the office on 01457 821818. Alternatively, our sales consultant Anna can come out to your school and provide you with more information on the Learning Challenge Curriculum and associated products. To email Anna, please click here.


“The Learning Challenge Curriculum struck us immediately as the right way to progress! The curriculum uses pre-learning tasks, to ensure that children are directly involved in the planning process – which in its turn allows teachers to gauge exactly where the learning need lies.”
Anfield Primary School

“An excellent framework which will fire the imagination of teaching teams.”
Oakdene Primary School

“The Learning Challenge Curriculum fosters both student and teacher creativity, ensuring an adaptable curriculum tailored to the suit the needs of the learner, and it has played an instrumental role in bringing about the changes we have made to our KS2 maths lessons. With the help of the Learning Challenge Curriculum, which creates a bespoke curriculum that reflects the requirements of the pupils, the school has been able to regain its ‘Outstanding’ status. The strength of our curriculum is built on a solid foundation of Focus material, including the Learning Challenge Curriculum and our approach to maths.”
Fielding Primary School

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