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Free History Learning Challenge Curriculum Template

Our Learning Challenge Curriculum plan, ‘What has changed since my grandparents were young?’ sample plan will help primary school history teachers to provide their pupils with fun and engaging history lessons while also integrating the learning of other subjects. This particular Learning Challenge plan can be amended so it fits with other subjects or tailored to specific classes or students.

To know more about the Learning Challenge Curriculum, visit our online shop or check out our Learning Challenge website: www.learningchallengecurriculum.com. The Learning Challenge Curriculum website includes various resources such as videos, photographs, reviews and case studies. These will help teachers and leaders to gain a greater understanding of the Learning Challenge Curriculum and how it works.

The “What has changed since my grandparents were young?” sample plan has been taken from our History Learning Challenge book. To see sample pages, click here. This extract shows how the Geography and History Learning Challenge Curriculum works; starting with a core question and then breaking this question up into sections, to cover different areas of the primary curriculum. This helps pupils to feel engaged and inspired by the curriculum.

Numeracy, literacy and the arts are linked to each learning challenge. The learning challenges also support mastery and greater depth for pupils.

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Feedback from schools about the Learning Challenge Curriculum

“An excellent framework which will fire the imagination of teaching teams”
Oakdene Primary School

“Already the children, staff and parents are engaged and enthused by their new themes and the learning that has already taken place in 3 days is phenomenal. We have them hooked!”
Adswood Primary School

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