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Teaching Poetry in Primary Schools.

Teaching poetry in primary schools There is still an elephant in the room! We all know that we need to include poetry in our teaching. We all know that children need to listen to, discuss, respond to, perform and write poetry. However, the elephant remains – large, grey and unmoving!... View Article

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Key Assessment Criteria, Being a Historian.

Key Assessment Criteria We have provided teachers, subject leaders and school leaders with a useful document that looks at the key assessment criteria and helps teachers with the assessment of pupils’ progress in primary schools. This particular document focuses on how well pupils are doing in history.  The simple and... View Article

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Wild Animals Learning Challenge Curriculum Plan

Our free Learning Challenge Curriculum ‘wild animals’ sample plan will help teachers to provide their pupils with a fun and engaging curriculum. This sample is based on the Learning Challenge Curriculum approach. You might want to amend the plan to fit with your pupils and the subjects you are teaching. If... View Article

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