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What is Metacognition?

What is metacognition and what is the significance of metacognition in primary schools? Metacognition refers to higher order thinking, which involves active control over the cognitive processes engaged in learning. Activities such as……: Planning how to approach a given learning task; Monitoring our comprehension of the task, and Evaluating progress toward... View Article

Tips for NQTs – Parent consultation

Tips for NQTs – Parent Consultation Most NQTs are understandably nervous about the prospect of their first parent consultation evening alone as ‘the’ teacher. Many trainees get the opportunity to sit in on parent consultations during a school placement. The chances are that you will be exhausted after your parent... View Article

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My First Day as an NQT

My First Day as an NQT Right, first day of the job. Finally, I’m actually a teacher.  Nervous, bit nervous. Very nervous actually. I wish this traffic would hurry up. What’s the time? Left half an hour early because of the roadworks but this is ridiculous. Can’t be late on... View Article

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Primary School Maths Results Infograph

Primary School Maths Results Infograph A maths infograph, looking at the expected standards, gender differences in KS2 SATs results, trends in international maths and changes in maths results in the maths curriculum in primary schools. Schools Reaching the Expected Standard This infograph shows the highest performing local authorities are concentrated... View Article

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(Not another) Blog about Phonics

(Not Another Blog) About Phonics… Many, me included, have plenty to say about phonics. My Twitter feed regularly features links to blogs on the subject of phonics. These cover a wide spectrum of views, from those who would advocate a phonics first and phonics only approach to reading, to those... View Article

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