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High Expectations – What is it?

This blog is an extract taken from Defining High Expectations in Your School by Tim Nelson. To find out more click here.     As you may expect, many schools use the phrase ‘high expectations’ in their mission statement, prospectus, website and other similar material when describing outcomes for their... View Article

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Learning Challenge Curriculum Earth and Space Plan

Free Science Curriculum Template based on the Learning Challenge Curriculum Our science curriculum sample plan will help primary school science teachers provide pupils with fun and engaging science lessons whilst still covering the science curriculum. The plan covers Earth and space whilst also integrating the learning of other subjects such... View Article

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Wellbeing in schools

Wellbeing in schools Thank goodness you’re a people person he said as he strolled out the office. I sat in surprise and rolled the phrase around my head … A people person. It continued to float there for some time, I had never thought of myself as a people person,... View Article