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Ofsted Annual Report 2017

OfSTED Report 2017. Extract taken from the Focus Update Service. To sign up to the service, please click here.  This year’s annual Ofsted report finds the overall quality of education and care in England is improving, but areas of persistent under-performance remain. Amanda Speilman’s Ofsted Annual Report 2017 Launching her first... View Article

History Learning Challenge Curriculum Plan

Free History Learning Challenge Curriculum Template Our Learning Challenge Curriculum plan, ‘What has changed since my grandparents were young?’ sample plan will help primary school history teachers to provide their pupils with fun and engaging history lessons while also integrating the learning of other subjects. This particular Learning Challenge plan... View Article

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The Development of Spelling in Primary Schools

Spelling in primary schools… What are the developmental steps that children go through in order to become confident and accurate spellers? The development of spelling in primary schools As in all areas, there is a developmental process in spelling that children go through in order to improve their spelling, and... View Article

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