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To Be or Not To Be… The INCo?

The Changing Role of SENDCo With the continual changing practice to our education system, the role of SENDCo has changed significantly. Mercifully, no longer is the SENDco role generally allocated to the teacher who couldn’t cope with change or who didn’t teach well, or the staff member who was waiting... View Article

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Learning Challenge Curriculum in Shanghai

International Education Consultancy in… Shanghai I recently went on the most amazing adventure. When Linda emailed to ask whether I would travel to Shanghai to provide international education consultancy and introduce the Learning Challenge Curriculum into a primary school there, my brain didn’t have chance to catch up to my... View Article

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Reflecting on Effective Self-Evaluation

“Without proper self-evaluation, failure is inevitable” is a quote I found online when doing a bit of research. Well, I was Googling stuff really, but ‘research’ sounds more consultant-ish. Any idea who said it? Sir Michael Wilshaw perhaps? Or maybe you’re thinking it’s from a blog entry by a beleaguered... View Article

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