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To receive more education updates, we offer a Focus Update Service that delivers the latest announcements straight to your inbox. Our updates are written by our consultants who are continuously updated with the latest curriculum changes, education announcements, and everything you need to know.

We currently offer a 3-month trial so you can see for yourself how effective and time-saving these updates are.

Each update outlines the main headlines in clear no-nonsense language and tells you where you can find more information. The updates are written by members of our consultancy team so are written by people who understand what schools need to know.

Updates are distributed as and when new information becomes available (monthly as a minimum).

This subscription entitles you to:

  • Specify the email address you would like the documents sending to.
  • Distribute the documents within your school.

To register or to find out more about the service, you can speak to our team directly on 01457 821 818 or email

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Book our MMC Update Course today

With the announcements of the MMC, we have added a course with Nicola Hutton, who created our Focus Education Music Knowledge Mats. This training aims to delve deeply into the quality of provision for music and whether the Music Knowledge Mat approach can provide a springboard for the delivery of the MMC.

If you would like to book onto our Model Music Curriculum Course you can do so through your school account for £175 or contact the office on 01457 821 818 for £185. If your school doesn’t have an account or you’re unsure, we can set one up for you in a few clicks!

The training will:

  • Look at the key messages and curriculum intent in the MMC and the implications for your school

  • Look at how knowledge features in the music curriculum

  • Enable you to understand progression in the key themes of singing, performance, notation, improvising, composing and listening

  • Consider how musical vocabulary can support teaching and learning.

  • Explore how the MMC and the Focus Education Music Knowledge Mats align in content and progression

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