St Alban’s CE Primary School Case Study

St Alban’s CE Primary School Case Study

St Alban’s CE Primary School is in Camden. Most pupils are from minority ethnic groups and are EAL. Twenty six languages are spoken in the school.

How the school has used Focus Education

We have used Focus Education to work with our senior leadership team in helping us review our current curriculum and write a new curriculum framework which addresses the needs of our children and reflects our vision and mission statement.

Evaluation of the service

The consultant understood the needs of our school and had taken the time to find out about the school before the consultancy day. As a result, he was able to skilfully draw together from the information I had provided, a clear summary of what we wanted our curriculum to look like. The day was stimulating, invigorating and challenging. The consultant was able to respond to the needs of each member of the team, but was also focused and driven to ensure that the aims of the day were met. The leadership team felt by the end of the day their ideas had been incorporated into the framework that was created, that they had been given the opportunity to speak and were listened to and that they were being led by a trainer whose subject knowledge was exceptional. All members of the team left inspired and motivated to continue working together on the creation of a new curriculum for our school.


Over the years, the school have used a number of Focus publications to support school improvement.

Evaluation of the publications

Focus publication are clear and concise leaving no room for confusion. They have helped support the development of the leadership team and subject co-ordinators. Always being in line with the current Ofsted framework avoids room for doubt or mixed messages. Publications provide alternative ways of doing things. We find them thought provoking and often challenge current practice. 

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