Analyse School Performance(ASP)/RAISEOnline


Analyse School Performance or ASP, which has replaced RAISEonline, provides interactive analysis of school and pupil performance data.

The 2016 RAISEonline was the first of a new breed, bringing the document in line with the new assessment arrangements. RAISE provided schools with more information about progress than ever before. The new RAISEonline replacement, Analyse School Performance (ASP), provides a similar service to RAISE - with additional features. ASP now includes 2017 Question Level Analysis (QLA) and named pupil data. 

Additional reports are available and other enhancements have been made based on feedback from users. 

How can we help?

Focus Education can help you unpick and understand the implications of your ASP/RAISE by providing you with a succinct summary version, which is easy to explain to governors and staff. 

This activity is designed to take place away from the school by a Focus Education Consultant trained to lead inspections.

A copy of an example can be viewed here so that you can see what the end result is like.

If you are interested in putting your Key Stage 1 and 2 data into this system please send me the following:

  • Your ASP username and password.  
  • Your 2016 RAISE (electronically)
  • Your Key Stage 1 results for reading, writing, maths and EGPS (if you did them)
  • For both key stages make sure that male, female, disadvantaged, EAL pupils are clearly marked. 

The service is £125 plus VAT.

How to book your Analyse School Performance/ASP summary...

To book, please contact the Consultancy Department at Focus Education on 01457 821811 or email Linda Davies.