Analysing your School’s Performance
Is your monitoring and evaluating still fit for purpose?
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Analysing your School’s Performance

Clive Davies OBE

Online: £185.00
Tel: £195.00
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Amanda Spielman’s recent statements have shaken up the whole of the inspection framework. Her focus on the broader curriculum and the substance of education requires school to reconsider their monitoring and evaluating procedures. This training helps primary school leaders, particularly executive headteachers, headteachers, heads of school and principals plus their immediate senior leadership teams to reassess their monitoring and evaluating systems. This conference helps you to look at your school or academy in the way inspections teams will look at them in the future. The training will consider aspects such as the place of non-core subjects’ assessment as well as what we really mean by the substance of education.


The training will:

  • Provide you with a clear understanding of how to use your ASP to help determine ‘next steps’;

  • Help you consider your school’s context with a strong emphasis on ‘what are you doing about the issues that hinder pupils’ progress’;

  • Help you to consider a potentially different way of evaluating the quality of learning and teaching, putting even greater emphasis on learning;

  • Provide you with a monitoring framework which focuses on the learning and not the teaching as a way to assess the quality of the provision in classrooms.

  • Look at the impact that developments around ‘reasoning and thinking’ have had on your pupils’ progress from Early Years to Year 6;

  • Help you to consider how effective your broader curriculum is and to what extent you are developing pupils’ basic skills across the wider curriculum;

  • This training aims to delve deeply into the learning culture across the broader curriculum at school and academy level. It will make you take a realistic look at what makes your school or academy great. It will focus very much on excellence and how to achieve it.