Designing a Curriculum that’s Knowledge-Rich
Making Sure Your Curriculum Intent Takes Account of Your Pupils’ Context and Meets Their Needs
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Designing a Curriculum that’s Knowledge-Rich

Clive Davies OBE

Online: £185.00
Tel: £195.00
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Designing a Curriculum that’s Knowledge-Rich

Clive Davies OBE

Online: £185.00
Tel: £195.00
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Ofsted’s new framework has heralded the opportunity for us all to review our curriculum. For some it may be a case of tinkering around the edges of what we currently do. However, others may use this opportunity to completely review and even revamp the curriculum.

The training focuses on what is expected under the three I’s – intent, implementation and impact.

This training is therefore about ensuring curriculum cohesion, providing ‘down-to-earth’ practical suggestions that helps take away teacher workload.


The training will:

Look at the key issues within Curriculum intent and ask:

•       How does your curriculum help to overcome social disadvantage?

•       How does your curriculum build towards defined end points and is the key knowledge clearly defined?

•       Is your curriculum coherently planned and sequenced?

•       How does the curriculum take account of the school’s local context?

•       Does it remain as broad as possible for as long as possible?

•       Is there high ambition for all learners?


Look at the key issues within Curriculum implementation and ask:

•       Is the subject knowledge of the staff good enough?

•       How do learners embed key concepts into their long-term memory?

•       How are learners supported to build on previous knowledge?

•       How are the big issues related to assessment of non-core subjects dealt with?


This training aims to delve deeply into the curriculum and learning culture at school and academy level. It will make you take stock, look at the bigger picture and help to guide you to make decisions that are based on focusing on what we need to know about our learners at any time. It will also provide guidance and give you examples of different models to consider for your use.


Standards for Teachers’ Professional Development Statement

This course is underpinned by rigorous scholarship and supported by continual development and support. It meets the DfE’s Standards for Teachers’ Professional Development in the following ways:

  • This professional development course has a focus on improving and evaluating pupil outcomes;

  • It is underpinned by robust evidence and expertise, and is clear on intended outcomes and objectives;

  • There is an expectation of collaboration and there will be expert challenge;

  • The course is part of a CPD programme designed to equip staff with the knowledge and skills required to effectively implement within their school, and sustain improvements over time.



+ Reviews

"Fantastic! Thank you. Materials shared were simple/succinct."

Blowers Green Primary


"Liked everything, very clear and clear plans."

St Josephs


"Clear resources that are focused on implementing a curriculum successfully."

Fulfen Primary


"A really helpful session with practical and quality resources. Thank you!"

Tranmere Park Primary School


"Very useful thought provoking course lots now to do!!!"

Crook Primary


"An excellent course."

Blowers Green Primary


"Enjoyable. Thank you. Lots of information. Clear sequence of how to approach things in school. Good ideas/discussions to take to staff."

Thorpe Primary School


"Lots of relevant and practical areas to our needs. Materials were good."

"Practical strategies. Lots of info to take back to staff."

Barrowcliff School


"Lots of things covered in a ‘normal’ way/language."

Burnley Road Academy