Effective Use of Your Pupil Premium Funding
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Effective Use of Your Pupil Premium Funding

Vanessa Huws Jones

Online: £185.00
Tel: £195.00
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Effective Use of Your Pupil Premium Funding

Vanessa Huws Jones

Online: £155.00
Tel: £165.00
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This full day course is aimed primarily at senior school leaders of primary schools who have responsibility for allocating and measuring the impact of pupil premium funding who are new to post OR who want to take a fresh look at their current practice.

The government regularly reviews their guidance on pupil premium funding and holds head teachers and school governing bodies accountable for the impact of pupil premium funding in the following ways:

  • performance tables, which show the performance of disadvantaged pupils compared with their peers;

  • requiring schools to publish details online each year of how they are using the pupil premium and the impact it is having on pupil achievement;

  • the Ofsted inspection framework, where inspectors focus on the attainment of pupil groups, and in particular those who attract the pupil premium funding.


The sessions throughout the day (including time for you to work on your evidence and impact statement - please bring this with you) will provide opportunities for you to consider:

  • Who qualifies for pupil premium finding? What can funding be used for?

  • What are the expectations outlined in the Ofsted framework and publications?

  • What does the research and evidence tell us about the progress that disadvantaged pupils can make?

  • What does the best teaching and learning practice look like for these learners?

  • Looking at monitoring. And how do we evidence ‘impact’ in raising achievement and closing the gaps?

  • How can the school leadership and governance make a real difference?

  • What materials are available to support good self - evaluation and demonstrate good value for money?

Benefits of attending the training:

The training will help you consider up to date materials to provide greater clarity about how you identify and support your most vulnerable learners, it will provide you with ideas to add real focus to your self - evaluation and review procedures and, in addition, time will allocated for you to work on your individual school priorities and the ideas discussed during the day.


+ Reviews

"A really useful day, which will have a positive impact at school. All aspects were useful and informative, the session allowed me to reflect on current practice."

Hopwood CP School


"There was a good mix of info and practical. Opportunity to discuss with other practitioners."

Beaver Road Primary


"Very practical, confident leader, useful time to discuss and consolidate. Super."

Rossendale School


"Lots of ideas of how to use money/resources. Key areas to prioritise for future immediate action."

"Very informative, great opportunities to discuss what we already do and what we need to do next. Thank you really useful and motivational."

St Stephens Primary


"The information was based on thorough research. Time to reflect and discuss. A very informative course – thank you!"

Heygarth Primary


"Great pace - plenty of opportunity to reflect and discuss ideas. A very informative day, thank you!"

Carr Mill Primary


"The resources and pace of the day built an effective overview with clear picture of where our school strategy needs to go. Thank you for an enlightening and consolidating day!"

Lunts Heath Primary School


"Liked the variety of ideas, food for thought. A way forward!"

St Andrews Junior School


"An excellent day – thank you! Lots of food for thought. Methodical approach to leading, monitoring and evaluating use of PP, funding clear, practical ideas which can be implemented."

Bowmandale Primary


"Liked everything! We now have a clear view of what to put into place since we are starting from scratch."

St Andrews Junior School


"There is no magic wand to sort Pupil Premium but I am going away with a clear action plan and sign-posted idea of how to improve and feel confident about what we are doing in school. Many thanks for a really useful and productive day."

St Josephs Primary