Improving Outcomes for All
Focusing on Keeping up and Not Just Catching Up
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Improving Outcomes for All

Clive Davies OBE

Online: £185.00
Tel: £195.00
Tudor Park Marriott Hotel and Country Club

Improving Outcomes for All

Clive Davies OBE

Online: £185.00
Tel: £195.00
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This course is aimed at primary school leaders, putting much emphasis on leaders’ role in directing learning and raising standards. The main principle running throughout this conference is ‘believing almost all pupils can attain the expected standard for their age’. It will put a great deal of focus on how to make intervention work for you by ensuring pupils are keeping up not catching up. In addition, it will consider how to improve outcomes for more able learners, ensuring higher percentages are attaining greater depth. It will look at these issues from Early Years through to Year 6.


The training will:

  • Emphasise the importance of creating a ‘whole-school’ ethos that embraces the principles that almost all pupils are capable of attaining the national expectations for their age;

  • Help you create a vision where intervention is about pupils keeping up not catching up;

  • Enable you to be relentless in your determination that no pupil will fall behind;

  • Provide you with practical principles which can be implemented almost immediately provided everyone is committed to it;

  • Help you ensure that all pupils are provided with every opportunity to ensure that they ‘keep up’ with the curriculum and meet or exceed the end of year expectations;


It will focus on aspects such as:

  • corrective teaching – ensuring rapid intervention when needed;

  • pre-teaching – looking at the practicalities;

  • introduce the principle of ‘workwatch’ – intense checking of a few pupils’ books at the end of each day;

  • reviewing teacher assistants’ role – using five-minute boxes approach;

  • effective marking and feedback – aimed at reducing teacher workload;

  • making greater use of working or learning walls.


  • The approach is underpinned by excellent summative assessment and tracking, effective planning and engaging parents as partners;

  • Help teachers to coach pupils to: plan their learning more effectively; monitor the learning, identifying key steps to keep on track; and, to evaluate their learning, recognising how they may have tackled the problem differently, etc.;

  • Focus on practical aspects, such as, what this may look like in an English lesson, a maths lesson and in the broader curriculum;

  • Provide you with a monitoring framework which focuses on the learning and not the teaching as a way to assess the quality of the provision in classrooms.

  • This training aims to delve deeply into the teaching and learning culture at school and academy level. It will make you take a realistic look at what makes teaching and learning great. It will focus very much on excellence and how to achieve it.


Standards for Teachers’ Professional Development Statement

This course is underpinned by rigorous scholarship and supported by continual development and support. It meets the DfE’s Standards for Teachers’ Professional Development in the following ways:

  • This professional development course has a focus on improving and evaluating pupil outcomes;

  • It is underpinned by robust evidence and expertise, and is clear on intended outcomes and objectives;

  • There is an expectation of collaboration and there will be expert challenge;

  • The course is part of a CPD programme designed to equip staff with the knowledge and skills required to effectively implement within their school, and sustain improvements over time.


+ Reviews

"Compared to training offered by local authority, so much more engaging informative and inspiring"

Heath Fields Primary


"Firstly, I would like to say thank you for yesterdays training day. I found your passion for the non-core subjects really motivating and I went back to school with lots of ideas!"

Alverthorpe St Paul's CE


"Very up to date. Lots of ideas to take back to school. Really, really useful course."

Stonebroom Primary


"Excellent materials, very up to date and relevant. Excellent delivery - Easy to listen and follow. Exceptional knowledge. Well worth a day out of school. I feel empowered about continuing in my roles. "

Cavendish Close Infant and Nursery


"Thank you - very useful as usual."

All Saints CEP


"Excellent delivery as always. Really simple yet effective."

Horton Mill Primary


"Very informative in outlining changes in Ofsted and substance of education."

Rosary Primary School


"Wonderful how ideas linked to new framework. Ability to see new framework in context."

Garswood Primary


"Liked all of it! Especially the planning elements of Keeping Up Not Catching Up were inspirational and something that we would like to try back at school. A very informative course. Lots of 'food for thought' Thank you."

Rectory C.E Primary School


"So many ideas and lots of reassurance with things already happening in school."

Queens Park Primary


"Liked everything! Some fabulous ideas and resources shared. I feel far more clued up regards the new framework."

Allanson Street Primary School