Let’s Take a Deep Dive into Reading
Using the deep dive methodology to evaluate the intent, implementation and impact of reading
Online Course

Let’s Take a Deep Dive into Reading

Sarah Quinn

Online: £155.00
Tel: £165.00
Online Course

Let’s Take a Deep Dive into Reading

Sarah Quinn

Online: £155.00
Tel: £165.00
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Ofsted’s inspection framework highlights reading as a priority and Ofsted has committed to a deep exploration of reading in each primary, infant and junior school or academy. Ofsted is clear; by the end of Reception, children should be reading simple sentences with fluency and, by key stage 2, pupils will be fluent readers with a rich vocabulary, able to access the broader curriculum with confidence as they have excellent reading skills.


Now is the right time to audit, evaluate and improve the teaching of reading.


The training will:

  • Look at the priorities of a deep dive into reading

  • Consider carefully the quality of the intent, implementation and impact of a school’s reading curriculum

  • Look at the systematic approach to phonics and evaluate the implementation of this approach – is the pace and progression enough for children to become readers?

  • Enable you to audit the quality of the provision for reading

  • Consider how reading and the development of vocabulary are promoted through the broader curriculum.


This training aims to delve deeply into the quality of reading provision and whether the approach is good enough to achieve the desired impact.

+ Reviews

"Excellent delivery, great booklet and very informative"

St Marys Uxbridge


"Liked everything!"

Chisenhale Primary School


"Well prepared and very informative. Lots of time for discussion with colleagues. Very clear picture of what we need to do."

Castilion Primary School


"Considering elements of a deep dive and what we need to do to be ready."

St Georges Primary School


"All very informative. Good to share ideas with other teachers."

Greenslade Primary School


"Really thought provoking, lots to take away. Expert delivery."

Nine Acres Primary School


"Sarah made it very clear what preparations were needed to prepare for an Ofsted Deep-Dive."

Beaumont Primary School


"It was fab – Thank you! Lots of opportunities to discuss and as questions. Well presented."

St Margaret Ward


"Full of information. Lots of opportunities for discussion."

St Catherines


"Clear information. Lots of great ideas shared!"

Oakwood Academy


"The course was very clear about what to expect on a Deep Dive. Lots of ideas were given on how to improve practice."

Holy Family Primary School


"Sarah’s delivery was excellent. Thank you! All very clear."

Woodfold Primary School


"Liked the focus on what a deep dive actually is and that all staff need to be prepared. Sarah’s demeanour and delivery was friendly and professional."

Crosby High School (Special)


"Thorough information and time to reflect."

Blueberry Park Primary School


"Course content, relaxed yet very productive. Resources high quality."

Woodfold Primary School