We understand not everyone can take time out of their day to attend face-to-face courses or sit down for zoom courses at a certain time. Some schools don’t have the budget to get a consultant in or pay for supply cover so teachers can attend courses. So, here at Focus Education, we have created a variety of ways in which we can work with you, whatever your circumstances or budget. These can be watched when it suits, how it suits and how often it suits. Pause, Rewind and Share with Staff in your School.


Our mini clips are a small recorded clip that is approximately 30 minutes long. The content created by our consultants is based on current and relevant themes that act as a great starter for your staff meetings or twilight sessions.

The idea is that the presentation will stimulate conversation amongst staff which will lead to action being taken.


Midi Clips is the latest addition to on-demand. These are 1-2 hour clips that are ideal for twilights, half-day sessions, or can be used on a training day. The consultant will appear in the top right-hand corner or the screen, filled with the presentation slides (similar to Zoom).


Focus Maxi Clips are a re-brand from our Zoom video training to align with our other on-demand products. Maxi Clips are a maximum of 4-5 hour pre-recorded clip which is ideal for a full or two-day training session.

Build-in your own coffee breaks, lunch breaks, and workshops by pausing at your own convenience.


  • Once your school purchases a video clip from Focus, your school owns the clip. This means you can watch it again, an unlimited number of times.
  • You also get sent the trainer’s notes as a PowerPoint.
  • You will also get sent a resource list of publications that were referred to in the maxi clips,
  • The trainers’ notes can be produced as a printable booklet. If you haven’t got the time or don’t want to produce them yourself, get in touch and we can produce these as a bound B/W booklet for each staff member for a price of £5 per book,
  • Great if a new or existing staff member has missed the training – they can watch at a convenient time to them,
  • Supply cover not necessary,
  • Watch at your convenience – pause, rewind, and share.


If you’re looking to book a date for consultancy but left it a bit late, we have previously worked with schools to produce their own bespoke video clip.  If you give us the title and aims for the day, we’ll design and pre-record your own personal video clip on the area of your choice.  Less money than a ‘live’ in-service and yours to keep afterwards.

Obviously, we recognise there is no substitute for face-to-face training but if you are wanting to save money or struggling to secure a trainer, then this is an option for you.

We will include one bound paperback version of the presentation for you.  If you want additional paperback versions, we can make books for each staff member at an additional cost of £5 per book.

Please email consultancy@focus-education.co.uk for more information on how this would work and the cost.