We understand not everyone can take time out of their day to attend face-to-face courses or sit down for zoom courses at a certain time. Some schools don’t have the budget to get a consultant in or pay for supply cover so teachers can attend courses. So, here at Focus Education, we have created a variety of ways in which we can work with you, whatever your circumstances or budget. These can be watched when it suits, how it suits and how often it suits. Pause, Rewind and Share with Staff in your School.

mini clips focus education

Put the professional into your CPD

Let us help you to focus your staff meetings or twilights. Consultants at Focus are preparing a range of Focus Mini Clips – these are short video inputs on current and relevant themes like preparing for inspections in a small school or improving progression mapping at your school.

You can purchase a 30-minute (maximum) pre-recorded input from one of our consultants (talking to a set of presentation slides) to help you consider a range of current issues from governors’ roles to implementation of the new early years’ curriculum.  The consultant will appear at the top right-hand corner of the screen which will be filled with the presentation slides (similar to zoom).

The idea is that the presentation will stimulate conversation amongst staff which will lead to actions to be taken.  Priced at just £50 per session, these are a great starter to any staff meeting or twilight session.  Pause, rewind, and share with staff in your school.

Our consultants took to Zoom in 2020 to continue to provide advice, support and guidance to schools and staff.  Whilst these courses are live and interactive, we understand not everyone is able to watch on that date or organise staff cover.  We now offer the option to purchase recorded versions of our live zoom courses.

Pause, play, and rewind at your own convenience. For just £250, you have unlimited access to the video content, a copy of the speaker’s presentation, and a resource list of publications that were referred to and that will be useful post training (optional).

If you attended a specific course and would like to have access to the recorded version for you to revisit, you can purchase this at just £100.

Should the course you want is not available, please contact our Business Development department for any updates or suggestions.