Retrieval Examples specific to Art & Design

by Bethany Hunter
Retrieval Examples specific to Art & Design


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This resource is intended to be used to support pupils' artistic knowledge and skill. The activities are designed to be 10, 15 or 20 minute activities to be used at different times throughout the year. The aim is to support pupils' long term memory and to help them to 'know more and remember more'. The activities link directly to the art and design programmes of study for key stages 1 and 2. However, you may wish to consider using the activities with a different age group to that specified, according to the artists that are covered and the skills they are taught. You will notice that the retrieval activities include both practical application of skills in addition to recollection of knowledge. This gives children the opportunity to both recall prior knowledge and practise previous skills.

It is important to note that this resource is provided electronically so that you can make amendments or adaptations as you choose.

The questions can be changed or adapted according to your school's identified key knowledge and skills for art. For example, you could use the format of the questions here to focus on specific skills, artists or art movements.

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Product Reference: ISA-OPT
Pages: KS1 (31), KS2 (59), Whole School (85)
Format: eBook
Publisher: Focus Education UK Ltd
Published Date: June 2023
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