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Special Offer Bundle: Art & Design



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This special offer bundle includes the following eBooks:

* Developing a Curriculum for Art and Design in Primary Schools (Whole School)
* Improving Standards in Art: Helping Pupils Improve their Artistic Knowledge and Skills through Retrieval Activities (Whole School)

Developing a Curriculum for Art and Design in Primary Schools (Whole School)
Art and design is one of those subjects that many schools feel is not covered as effectively as it should be.
This publication has been produced to help schools and academies have an art curriculum that helps to develop children’s art techniques and skills but at the same time provides clarity about the steps that need to be taken.
Stages are identified which includes the ‘link it’ stage; a stage to research the artist and the genre of art being studied; it identifies the skills and techniques to be developed and then move on to the mock up stage before the final piece is produced.
Effectively there is a drawing, painting and sculpture unit for each age group. In other words, there are three units per year, enabling a comprehensive art curriculum to be delivered at your school.

It provides a clear guide on a step-by-step basis and is essentially a curriculum that can be delivered by non-specialists, as well as those with a great deal of confidence delivering art lessons.
The publication provides you with two alternative ways of ensuring that there is a progression map in place and either may prove to be very effective in ensuring progression and continuity in children’s learning in art. It also provides you with a guide as to what a sketchbook should look like.
Beyond this, I have included a step-by-step plan of delivering art at a very effective level.
In addition, I have included a number of artists who could be used to support children’s art development and a list of how they could do so through different artistic features.
I have included an early years’ section as well as examples of specific retrieval activities from Bethany Hunter’s book ‘Improving Standards in Art’ which is an ideal partner to this book from Focus Education.

Retrieval Examples specific to Art & Design (Whole School)
This resource is intended to be used to support pupils' artistic knowledge and skill. The activities are designed to be 10, 15 or 20 minute activities to be used at different times throughout the year. The aim is to support pupils' long term memory and to help them to 'know more and remember more'. The activities link directly to the art and design programmes of study for key stages 1 and 2. However, you may wish to consider using the activities with a different age group to that specified, according to the artists that are covered and the skills they are taught. You will notice that the retrieval activities include both practical application of skills in addition to recollection of knowledge. This gives children the opportunity to both recall prior knowledge and practise previous skills.

It is important to note that this resource is provided electronically so that you can make amendments or adaptations as you choose.
The questions can be changed or adapted according to your school's identified key knowledge and skills for art. For example, you could use the format of the questions here to focus on specific skills, artists or art movements.

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