Assessing Science and Non-Core Subjects - Video Training

by Clive Davies
Assessing Science and Non-Core Subjects - Video Training


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In response to school requests and shortage in budgets, Focus is now selling recorded versions of our zoom courses for schools to purchase.

This training is sent via an emailed link and can be watched directly from the website (streamed) or downloaded and watched at a later date. It comes with an e-book version of the training notes. Printed copies of the training notes are available at an additional cost.

Advantages of buying our video training:
  • Watch at school or home
  • Watch on your own or with other members of staff
  • Can pause, replay and discuss
  • No supply costs
  • No travel costs or travelling time

Course Description
This session is aimed at primary school leaders and subject leaders. The morning session will consider the issues associated with summative and formative assessment of science and all non-core subjects. It will provide exemplars and guidance for leaders in ensuring that you know which pupils have or have not met year group expectations in all these subjects.

The Zoom training will:
  • The training takes full account of the important points made by the Education Endowment Foundation about assessing too close to the point of learning;
  • The Education Endowment Foundation pointed out that assessing too close to the point of teaching can sometimes be misleading, especially when checking sticky knowledge. That is, learned knowledge that will stay for ever;
  • They point out that schools and academies need to recognise that new learning is fragile and usually forgotten unless explicit steps are taken over time to revisit and refresh it. Teachers should be wary of assuming that pupils have securely learnt material based on evidence drawn close to the point of teaching;
  • The training will therefore provide ideas and examples of how summative assessment can be achieved so that the information gleaned is accurate and obtained in such a way that minimises teacher workload;
  • It will consider how the approach needs tom be different for subjects like science, geography and history in comparison to physical education and music.

This training aims to delve deeply into the curriculum, assessment and the learning culture at school and academy level. It will make you take stock, look at the bigger picture and help to guide you to make assessment decisions that are based on focusing on what we need to know about our learners at any time. It will also provide guidance and give you examples of different models to consider for your use.

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Product Reference: ASNCS-ZVT
Speaker: Clive Davies
Running Time: TBC
Format: Video & eBook (Presentation)
Download: MP4 video
Publisher: Focus Education UK Ltd
Published Date: TBC

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