Character Education: Creating a Continuum of Character Development

by Clive Davies
Character Education: Creating a Continuum of Character Development


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This book aims to add support for schools and academies that are exploring 'character education' from the point of view of learning to live perspective.

It outlines six areas that we seek to develop in our learners: being resilient; showing empathy; showing commitment; having self-awareness; being a problem solver and being a team worker.

The main focus of the book is to help pupils to self-assess. They are provided with six stages related to each of the criteria outlined above. Pupils decide where they are on the continuum and what they need to do to reach the next stage. In doing so, they give careful consideration to what they need to do to achieve the next stage.

In addition, there are some teacher tips as to what they could do to support the six main objectives. The book should help you to support pupils' character development.

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