Creating a Framework of Excellence for the Assessment of Quality of Education

by Clive Davies
Creating a Framework of Excellence for the Assessment of Quality of Education


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This publication is included in our Unlimited Plan on The Learning Challenge Curriculum

This framework has been designed to help schools assess themselves in relation to the quality of education they are providing. It considers the important messages inherent within the Inspection handbook and should help schools prepare for an inspection as well as improving the quality of education being provided.

However, it also provides a comprehensive self-evaluation overview. The framework allows leaders to assess their strengths and to clarify where improvement needs to happen. It gives deep consideration to the inter-relationship between the school's curriculum intent, implementation and impact.

In view of the fact that schools cannot rely solely on data for providing updates for their governing body, it could be used as a vehicle for leaders to provide quality evidence of how effective the quality of education is. Governors could look at different sections at a time and therefore gain a deeper understanding of the school's effectiveness. In this way they should be in a stronger position to both support and challenge the school's leadership.

The following is taken from the inspection handbook and the framework is built around these principles.

Inspectors will consider the extent to which the school's curriculum sets out the knowledge and skills that pupils will gain at each stage (intent). They will also consider the way that the curriculum developed or adopted by the school is taught and assessed in order to support pupils to build their knowledge and to apply that knowledge as skills (implementation). Finally, inspectors will consider the outcomes that pupils achieve as a result of the education they have received (impact).

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