Focus History and Geography

by Clive Davies
Focus History and Geography


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What are they?
Following Amanda Speilman's focus on the curriculum, we are pleased to say that this curriculum ticks all the boxes by being:
  • Knowledge-rich
  • Teacher-led
  • Mastery-driven

This is essentially a full scheme of work, aimed at reducing teacher workload. It provides a comprehensive coverage of three topics per year, with many additional units planned to provide choice. Importantly, we have kept the price low to make this curriculum affordable at a time of tight budgets.

What are the advantages of using them?
  • Meets National Curriculum requirements
  • Are 'knowledge-focused'
  • Focuses on metacognitive style of learning
  • Demands more pupil questioning
  • Helps with pupil research
  • Easy for teachers to adapt to add own ideas
  • Improves writing across the curriculum
  • Has a literature focus
  • Ensure that pupils reflect frequently
  • Provide exciting and pupil-motivating activities
  • Link to assessment activities
  • Works towards curriculum cohesion
  • Helps to link with the community; parents; character education and British Values.

We are extremely excited about the feedback we are receiving from the schools we have already worked with.

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