Focus History and Geography

by Clive Davies
Focus History and Geography


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What are they?
Following Amanda Speilman's focus on the curriculum, we are pleased to say that this curriculum ticks all the boxes by being:
  • Knowledge-rich
  • Teacher-led
  • Mastery-driven

We have created schemes of work which meet National Curriculum requirements and contain exciting research-based activities. One of the aims is to reduce teacher workload. Three units of work per year have been designed providing you with comprehensive coverage. However, additional units are planned to provide greater levels of choice.
Importantly, we have kept the price low to make this curriculum affordable at a time of tight budgets. However, they can also be bought individually to fit in with a school's bespoke curriculum.
The units help teachers to improve pupils' writing through history or geography but still hold on to the statutory requirement for history and geography and ensures that pupils' grammar, punctuation and vocabulary is also being challenged. Each unit is a comprehensive scheme of work but allows teachers enough flexibility to add or replace certain activities.

What are the advantages of using them?
  • Meets National Curriculum requirements
  • Are 'knowledge-focused'
  • Focuses on metacognitive style of learning
  • Demands more pupil questioning
  • Helps with pupil research
  • Easy for teachers to adapt to add own ideas
  • Improves writing across the curriculum
  • Has a literature focus
  • Ensure that pupils reflect frequently
  • Provide exciting and pupil-motivating activities
  • Link to assessment activities
  • Works towards curriculum cohesion
  • Helps to link with the community; parents; character education and British Values.

We are extremely excited about the feedback we are receiving from the schools we have already worked with.

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Format: CD
Publisher: Focus Education UK Ltd
Published Date: Dec 18

Product Reference: FHGWS
Pages: 1730
Product Dimensions: 21.5cm X 15.4cm X 0.3cm

Product Reference: FHGKS1
Pages: 498
Product Dimensions: 21.5cm X 15.4cm X 0.3cm

Product Reference: FHGKS2
Pages: 1232
Product Dimensions: 21.5cm X 15.4cm X 0.3cm

This item cannot be returned or refunded. See Terms & Conditions for details.

Year 1 Geography - Hot and Cold Places using Lost and Found
Year 1 Geography - The Immediate Locality using Naughty Bus
Year 1 History - Within Living Memory using Dogger

Year 2 History - Beyond Living Memory using Major Glad, Major Dizzy
Year 2 History - Famous People using I am Rosa Parks
Year 2 Geography - Contrasting Non-EU Country using Lila and the Secret Rain

Year 3 History - Stone Age using The Boy with the Bronze Axe/Stone Age Boy
Year 3 History - Ancient Greeks using Greek Myths
Year 3 Geography - Natural Disasters using Escape from Pompeii

Year 4 Geography - Rivers and Mountains using Wind in the Willows
Year 4 History - Romans using Roman Diary
Year 4 History - Ancient Egypt using Secrets of a Sun King

Year 5 History - Anglo Saxons using Beowulf
Year 5 History - Slavery using Journey to Jo' Burg
Year 5 Geography - Rainforests using The Lorax

Year 6 History - Vikings using Viking Boy
Year 6 Geography - South America using Trash
Year 6 History - Islamic Civilization using Tales from the Arabian Nights
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