Focus Maths: A Positive Approach to the Maths Curriculum

by Clive Davies
Focus Maths: A Positive Approach to the Maths Curriculum


+ Description
Focus Maths is a whole school maths curriculum from Focus Education. Also available for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 individually.

Supporting teachers & leaders with planning to guarantee there is continuity and progression in the teaching of maths.

It is the most complete mathematical resource available.

It will provide clarity and direction for all teachers and release them to focus on preparation and assessment.

How It Works

Step 1 Overview of the Year: For each year group, Focus Maths takes each of the constructs and creates a coherent teaching sequence:

Place Value; Addition and Subtraction; Multiplication and Division; Fractions; Measures; Geometry and Statistics.

Algebra and ratio and proportion are available in Year 6.

Step 2 Learning Journey: Each construct is placed into one of six units across each half term. Each unit outlines the learning journey for each construct. This ensures full National Curriculum coverage.

Step 3 Pre-Learning Tasks: For each construct, a pre-learning task is provided which can be used with all, a few or an individual pupil.
This ensures teachers are aware of the starting point for each pupil.

Step 4 Practice and Consolidation: Teachers are provided with a range of activities, concrete and abstract, which will help pupils meet the expectation.

Step 5 Mastery Check:
Either checking for deeper understanding (mastery); or to provide additional activities to ensure that mastery or deeper understanding is being established.

Step 6 Mastery Activities: For pupils working at greater depth. There is a range of types of problems, including: logical thinking problems; problems requiring different starting points; problems with more than one solution; problems with missing information; and evaluating a problem in context.

Step 7 Self-Assessment: This step provides each pupil with a self-assessment sheet which could be put into maths work books so that pupils can evaluate their progress towards each construct.

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Publisher: Focus Education UK Ltd
Format: USB + Box + Assessment Tests
Published Date: Jun 2017

Product Reference: FMWSN
Pages: 1284 in total

Product Reference: FMKS2
Pages: 862 in total

Product Reference: FMKS1
Pages: 422 in total

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+ Reviews
"We 'launched' your Maths scheme across the school after working through it with staff at the inset - I felt compelled to share some thoughts staff themselves shared over the course of today's meetings. All 6 staff today stated that they were feeling so much more confident already of meeting the needs of all pupils in maths; all felt that coverage would be secure and absolute by using it, and that gaps in learning would and could be quickly filled and progress accelerated. Two members of staff independently commented upon how the pace of their lessons had already been dramatically improved and impacted on by using the scheme and they could not believe how much their new classes had progressed by using this, combined with a break out model of teaching we are using in some year groups.
I was absolutely thrilled that already, after three days back in the new year, staff were singing the praises of the work you have done and were clearly and demonstrably noticing the impact upon teaching and learning in their classrooms."
Woodland Community Primary School

"I am maths subject leader and we have just bought Focus Maths. I think it is exactly what we need! I wanted something that wasnt too prescriptive but that provided guidance and structure for staff. The feedback Ive had from teachers so far has been brilliant. I think the example questions really help people to see the kinds of things we need to be doing and how to build reasoning into lessons. Were pretty good at arithmetic but the reasoning lets us down a bit - which I think is probably the case for most schools. What wed like in the morning is a bit of guidance on how to use Focus Maths please. I came to a maths course you did a couple of years ago and I remember leaving feeling really fired up and ready to go! Id really like to start the year off with people feeling positive about maths."
Redlands Primary and Nursery School

"They provide an extremely good and solid core to ensure that the teaching of maths can be learning driven within the principles of the 'mastery' pedagogy"
Senior Officer for School Improvement

"Amazing maths material, particularly the greater depth material."
Elmwood Primary School