Focus Maths Key Stage 2 Pre-Assessment Tasks (Download)

by Clive Davies
Focus Maths Key Stage 2 Pre-Assessment Tasks (Download)


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Pre-learning tasks can be used with all, a few or an individual pupil. This ensures teachers are aware of the starting point for each pupil.

  • Pre-assessment Tasks ensure that learners are provided with right level of challenge from the beginning of a learning sequence. Well planned pre-assessment tasks should help to bring out what learners already know; what misconceptions they may have and where there are potential barriers to individual's learning;
  • Teachers should take account of the outcomes from pre-assessment tasks to plan the level of intervention required for each vulnerable pupil and to acknowledge that some pupils will not need to go through areas of learning that they already know and feel confident about. It should also help teachers recognise which transferable skills learners have already developed that could be used to initiate new learning with a level of confidence;
  • The pre-assessment tasks for Focus Maths have been designed for each new area of learning. It is anticipated that the pre-assessment task will take place on the Friday before the start of a new area of learning. In this way it should give teachers time to assess the appropriate starting points for pupils and to recognise the amount of intervention required. Of-course these pre-assessment tasks can be used with any maths scheme. You need to link the learning objective with the appropriate learning from the scheme;
  • The tasks have been designed to last no more than 15 minutes and should not form a full lesson. In other words, if pupils cannot complete these tasks within fifteen minutes then assume that they need to cover most of the learning to raise their level fluency and probably confidence;
  • Many teachers use the tasks at the beginning of new learning and again at the end, ie, post assessment. By using the same task, you can judge how much progress pupils will have made over a short time. Although not designed with this in mind, they none-the-less can be used in this way.

These are taken from the Focus Maths Curriculum.

These are examples so answers are not included.

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