Focus Science: Individual Units

by Clive Davies
Focus Science: Individual Units



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These individual units aim to ensure that standards in writing and science are being improved by using exciting literature through science.

The units ensure that there is a huge focus on working scientifically as well as dealing with the specific science knowledge for each year group.

For example, in Year 4 the use of excellent quality text like 'The incredible book-eating boy' is central to the science unit dealing with the digestive system. In Year 3, the excellent book 'The street beneath my feet' is central to the science unit on 'rocks'.

The units help teachers to improve pupils' writing through science but still hold on to the statutory requirement for science and ensures that pupils' grammar, punctuation and vocabulary is being challenged. Each unit is a comprehensive scheme of work but allows teachers enough flexibility to add or replace certain activities.

What are they?
Following Amanda Speilman's focus on the curriculum, we are pleased to say that this curriculum ticks all the boxes by being:
  • Knowledge-rich
  • Teacher-led
  • Mastery-driven

What are the advantages of using them?
  • Meets National Curriculum requirements
  • Are 'knowledge-rich'
  • Focuses on metacognitive style of learning
  • Demands more pupil questioning
  • Helps with pupil research
  • Easy for teachers to adapt to add own ideas
  • Improves writing across the curriculum
  • Has a literature focus
  • Ensure that pupils reflect frequently
  • Provide exciting and pupil-motivating activities
  • Link to assessment activities
  • Works towards curriculum cohesion
  • Helps to link with the community; parents; character education and British Values.

We are extremely excited about the feedback we are receiving from the schools we have already worked with.

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Publisher: Focus Education UK Ltd
Published Date: Jun 2018
Format: eBook
Price: £20 each

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Year 1 Materials using Beegu
Year 1 Classification of Animals using Bog Baby
Year 1 Seasonal Change using The Rabbit Problem

Year 2 Habitats using Wild
Year 2 Plants using Little Evie in the Wild Woods
Year 2 Materials using Traction Man

Year 3 Plants using The Night Gardener
Year 3 Light and Dark using Orion and the Dark
Year 3 Rocks using The Street Beneath my feet

Year 4 Plants and Animals using The Promise
Year 4 Digestive System using The Incredible Book-Eating Boy
Year 4 Sound using The Pied Piper (Michael Morpurgo)

Year 5 Forces using The Man Who Walked Between the Towers
Year 5 Life Cycles using Nowhere Emporium
Year 5 Earth and Space using Cosmic

Year 6 Heart and Circulatory System using Pig Heart Boy
Year 6 Classification of Animals using Spider and the Fly
Year 6 Evolution of Inheritance using Wonder

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