Headteacher's Professional Handbook: A Guide to the National Curriculum and Ofsted Expectations

by Focus Education
Headteacher's Professional Handbook: A Guide to the National Curriculum and Ofsted Expectations



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The Headteachers Professional Handbook is the perfect companion for headteachers, deputies, advisors, inspectors, and senior management working in primary schools. Combining our two most popular mini publications, we have created one book with sections and dividers for easy access. Everything you need in one small (A5) spiral bound publication.

The National Curriculum section contains the 2014 National Curriculum in a handy and easy to use format. The content for reading, writing and mathematics is outlined not only by year group but also by strand or element. This makes planning for differentiation much easier as you can track an element of the curriculum from one year group to another. Content for foundation subjects is outlined by key stage expectations.

The Ofsted Evaluation Schedule includes the latest changes to the grade descriptors taking into account the removal of the transition arrangements and other changes, ready for inspections in the new academic year, and will be used by inspectors from September 2022

If you found our popular mini publications 'Progression in the National Curriculum' and 'Ofsted Evaluation Schedule' useful, then this book is perfect for you.
This book has been created following consultation with inspectors and headteachers who felt this would be more useful and user-friendly.

If you have previously purchased the 'Progression in the National Curriculum' and 'Ofsted Evaluation Schedule', please be aware that Headteachers Professional Handbook contains all of the content of both of these books, it is just presented in a more user-friendly and accessible format. Please contact Customer Services if you are unsure whether you already have the books or if you want to check which versions you have.

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ISBN: 978-1-911416-73-9
Product Reference: HPH
Format: A5 Book
Pages: 104
Printing: Black and White
Product Dimensions: 21cm x 15cm x 3cm
Publisher: Focus Education UK Ltd
Published Date: October 2021
Revised Date: July 2022
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