How Effective are Your Remote Learning Procedures?

by Clive Davies
How Effective are Your Remote Learning Procedures?



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This publication is aimed at senior leaders and members of staff with specific responsibility for overseeing remote education in school or academy. It is built around the guidance provided by the DfE 'Review your Remote Education Provision'.

The publication helps you to consider the following aspects of your provision with the aim that you can self-evaluate each aspect and where necessary create an action plan to help you strengthen it.

  • Leadership and Remote Education
  • Remote education context and pupil engagement
  • Curriculum planning and delivery
  • Capacity and capability
  • Communication
  • Safeguarding and wellbeing

Each of the above aspects have been sub-divided into different sections with the aim of outlining what outstanding, good and requires improvement practice might look like.

The training will also signpost you to the many guidance available from the DfE and the Education Endowment Foundation.

This publication will also give you access to a comprehensive self-evaluation outline, which you will be able to use to evaluate your provision.

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