Interactive Timeline

by Liz Greensides
Interactive Timeline



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This child friendly, easy-to-use resource is invaluable for children's understanding of the Primary History Curriculum and the relationship between different periods of history. Returning to the timeline over and again helps them to accumulate and recall their knowledge, and therefore to learn and embed their understanding. It also supports teachers in their own subject knowledge.

Our Interactive Timeline, whilst primarily a history resource, also integrates other subjects:

  • Computing - the use of Power Point, photography, etc
  • Geography - maps of different countries when studying, for example, Explorers
  • Art/DT by allowing photos, drawings, paintings, etc to be presented
  • Speaking and listening, as children present their work to an audience
  • English - children write in various formats, to add to the timeline
  • RE - the integration of history and RE alongside different periods of time

The resource is supplied in editable PowerPoint format, and provides a template with hyperlinks to key points in history, so that children can see, at a glance, when these events took place in relation to each other. For every theme or period studied there are pages for children to add facts, details, sound bites, images, video clips, children's presentation, links to websites … and more! … so that each school can develop a timeline specific to them, that can grow and grow through the year and beyond.

  • Add the major events, monarchs, changes to different periods of time .
  • Add causality reasons why.
  • Use slides from just one period, and add children's work for presentations
  • Add photos from history days, school displays, trips.
  • Show relative lengths of different eras - for example, the Ancient Greeks, Romans
  • Make a study to show changes over time For example TRANSPORT, WAR, MONARCHY

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