Key Assessment Criteria: Assessing Core and Non-Core Subjects

by Clive Davies
Key Assessment Criteria: Assessing Core and Non-Core Subjects


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This publication has been revised to reflect the shift in Ofsted's focus<</strong>>!!

This publication outlines key assessment criteria for the end of each year group (Y1 to Y6). It will be of use to teachers (for planning and assessing) and leaders (for moderating and checking progress).

There are sections for each subject with specific end of year statements expressed as 'I can' statements so that they can easily be used with children. The core subjects of reading, writing and mathematics are broken into termly expectations to help teachers be more accurate with assessments mid-way through an academic year.

The content of this publication will also be of use for schools to use as part of their online content outlining their curriculum (a statutory requirement). It is even more important that each school is clear about annual expectation within non-core subjects.

This straight forward publication is intended to help teachers get their head around the National Curriculum and would be highly valuable for teachers to consider whether children are on track to meet year group expectations in each subject. Leaders may choose to use this as a 'way in' to developing more involved methods of assessing further down the line.

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