Maths- Step Up to the Challenge

by Clive Davies
Maths- Step Up to the Challenge


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+ Description
These booklets are designed to sit alongside the school's assessment focus on the National Curriculum.

'They provide clarity for both teachers and pupils and are a major contributor to your self-assessment process.'

It is way of enabling children to see how they are improving and provides motivation for them to meet their objectives in a meaningful and productive way.
For each age group, objectives have been identified and set out on individual pages. For each of these objective the stairway provides a learning journey which enables children to be successful in meeting the objective. It is, perhaps, the clearest possible way to communicate a learning journey to a child. Even very young children understand the stairway approach and can therefore use the steps to see what it is that they need to learn next as they make progress.

Parents and carers can also easily see the attainment, progress and targets for their children more clearly with the record of learning in their child's personal booklet. It is the 'pupil's book' that actually becomes the key focal point for consultations with parents, and the starting point for end of year report writing.

The booklets offer accurate, long and short term assessments; a target setting process as well as supporting the principles for assessment for learning.

They are easy to use.
  • In each set of year books there is a full complement of the objectives that pupils are expected to meet in order to be at the expected level of achievement for their age group;
  • For each objective there is a stairway which outlines the journey towards the objective;
  • Pupils may start at the bottom of the stairs and work their way up step by step or they may already have knowledge and understand of some of the earlier steps and would therefore start at the point that challenged them;
  • For each set of stairs in the pupil book the children shade the steps they already know and then would tick off the steps (on the left hand side) that they have learned;
  • For each step the teacher then confirms the learning by dating the box on the right hand side of the step;
  • This indicates that the teacher has agreed that the target statement has been met.

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Publisher: Focus Education UK Ltd
Published Date: Sep 2014

ISBN: 978-1-909038-53-0
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Pages: 24

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