Midi Clip: Ensuring Metacognitive Principles are Driving your Curriculum Intent and Implementation

by Clive Davies
Midi Clip: Ensuring Metacognitive Principles are Driving your Curriculum Intent and Implementation


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Product Description
‘Over the course of study, teaching is designed to help learners to remember in the long term the content they have been taught and to integrate new knowledge into larger concepts’ (Ofsted framework 2019)

This Midi Clip is aimed at primary school leaders, including those with responsibility for school-wide teaching and learning. It focuses on aspects of teaching and learning with a strong focus on improving pupils’ retention of key knowledge.

The Midi Clip will:
  • Focus on curriculum implementation and put this into context in relation to how pupils remember key knowledge for the long term;
  • Consider the current research, starting with ‘Rosenshine’ and consider the potential impact on teaching and learning;
  • Help you to check if your curriculum has really embraced the concept of ‘deepening learning’ at each stage and providing greater challenges within the construct being taught;
  • Gain a greater understanding as to why memory is essential to all learning; because it lets you store and retrieve the information that you learn;
  • Consider how day-to-day teaching may need to be different to maximise opportunities for pupils to retain key knowledge for the long term;
  • Provide a case for improving both pupils and teachers’ questioning in order to improve pupils’ memory of important knowledge;
  • Link the application of metacognitive principles to improving long-term memory.

This training aims to get you to delve deeply into the teaching and learning culture at your school and academy level. It will help you take stock, look at the bigger picture and guide you to make decisions about your teachers’ practice and your pupils’ learning that supports the acquisition of key knowledge and skills across all subjects.

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Product Reference: EMPCII-ZVTOPT
Speaker: Clive Davies
Running Time: 1 Hour 52 Minutes
Format: Video & eBook (Presentation)
Download: MP4 video
Publisher: Focus Education UK Ltd
Published Date: May 2021

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