Progression Towards the New ELG and Beyond

by Clive Davies
Progression Towards the New ELG and Beyond


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The early learning goals have been changed to make them clearer and more specific. They are more focused on the main factors that support child development at age 5.

This publication uses the 2021 version of the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and creates descriptors to help practitioners recognise the stages of development towards the 'Early Learning Goal' outlined in the framework. It is however supplemented with further information based on children's learning and development. The intention is for you to use the stages to help support observation, assessment, and planning.

These descriptors should not be used as a checklist but should help you plan appropriate activities aimed at helping children's progress towards the early learning goals identified in the framework. They should be viewed as a guide to support your observations and planning.

The descriptors can be used as an indicator of where children are in their learning and what they need to learn to move to the next stage. They can also be used to assess the rate of their progress and for you to plan the next steps.

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