Successful Lives Primary Programme: Resilience

by Developing Potential
Successful Lives Primary Programme: Resilience



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This Primary resilience package will empower students by building their character and greatly enhance their motivation and learning capability.

Today children live in a world which can cause them a great deal of stress and uncertainty. While the advent of social media and sometimes negative peer feedback can pressurise children to conform to unrealistic stereotypes. This programme is designed to underpin positive mental health by making children aware of what they can control in their lives and giving them the understanding and strategies to build their resilience.

The underlying principles of the package are derived from 'Self Determination Theory' which emphasises that for people to fulfil their potential they need to focus on four key areas: having a sense or purpose, building supportive relationships, gaining self mastery and having autonomy (making personal choices).

'I think there are things that we can all do to build resilience in ourselves, but also to build resilience in each other'
Sheryl Sandberg

These principles have been developed into book 'Building Resilience - The 7 Steps to Creating Highly Successful Lives' which we have expanded into 10 individual sessions for students. Each session has a set of teacher guidance notes for planning, a PowerPoint and a student workbook.

The steps include:
1. Place - How to step out of your comfort zone.
2. Passion - How to recognise you strengths and develop personal interests.
3. Purpose - How to take your interest and make a personal contribution to the world.
4. People - How to build a support team.
5. Planning - How to develop plans for success.
6. Positive Mindset - How to be positive through self talk, affirmations & being grateful.
7. Physical Action - How to make things happen and maintain physical health.

The benefits of the programme include enhanced well being, building self esteem, greater aspirations, more positive relationships and an ability to plan and take the action necessary to achieve the results your students want in life.

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