The Blocked Curriculum: History

by Clive Davies
The Blocked Curriculum: History



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The history curriculum outlined in these publications can be delivered using a blocking system. The curriculum could be designed in a way that there is an intensive focus on history over a small number of weeks.

However, the curriculum contained in this publication can be delivered in different ways to suit the needs of your pupils and school timetable. It does not need to follow a blocking system.

Importantly, the curriculum is designed to focus on the main historical concepts that pupils need to acquire. It is also true to the National Curriculum for both key stages 1 and 2. In other words, the units would ensure full National Curriculum coverage.

For the blocked system to work, the afternoon would see 3 blocked sessions of history across the year. However, each historical unit would be delivered in a three-week block with an allocation of up to 15 hours per subject.

In this way it is possible to get into real depth, focussing on improving pupils' long-term retention of key knowledge and skills. The publication provides at least 6 mid-term plans for Key Stage 1 and up to 10 plans for Key Stage 2.

There is a strong focus on the six cognitive strategies aimed at improving long-term memory. These are outlined below:
  • What I already know?
  • What is most important?
  • What sensory connection can I make?
  • What inference can I make?
  • How can I synthesise this?
  • How can I fix things I don't understand?

The key focus is for pupils to retain information long term. In order to do this, each individual unit of learning reminds teachers of the importance of pupils being asked about what they already know, and to be given opportunities to reflect on their learning. In addition, there is an expectation that teachers will organise retrieval lessons to help support pupils' long term memory.

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