Whisper Loudly

by Clive Davies
Whisper Loudly


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This book has been written by Clive Davies OBE and looks at Coronavirus and bereavement. There is a Scheme of Work available to run alongside this book. Receive a free Whisper Loudly reading book when you order the scheme of work.

Misty and her grandad have an unbelievable bond but when Coronavirus consumes the country Misty's life is changed forever. She can't go to school, see her friends or spend time with her grandad. She must face many uncertainties and come to terms with her relationship with her grandad changing.

The images from this book were created by children at Saddleworth School.

Scheme of Work
Why not use the book Whisper Loudly as the central feature of your English work by using the scheme that accompanies it. The scheme provides pupils with an opportunity of using this book to improve their own writing techniques. It provides teachers with a range of activities to use over a 2 to 3-week period based on the book.
The first part creates opportunities for pupils to think like the author and check the range of techniques used. The main part here is for pupils to think of different techniques to use in their own writing.
The second part is more to do with the secretarial skills of writing with exercises in grammar, vocabulary and punctuation included.

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Publisher: Focus Education UK Ltd
Published Date: July 20

Whisper Loudly Reading Book
ISBN: 978-1-911416-60-9
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Format: A5 Book
Pages: 16 Pages (10 Story Pages)
Printing: Black and White
Product Dimensions: 21 x 15 x 0.3cm
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Whisper Loudly Scheme of Work
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