Writing Continuums

by Liz Greensides
Writing Continuums



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This product takes different elements of the writing curriculum, and order them into a sensible and logical sequence of learning and of teaching year by year across the primary school, directly supporting sequential learning in this subject.

The Writing Continuums take each end of year objective and unravel them into small and steady steps for learning. This gives continuity and cohesion in planning, teaching, and learning.

Helping teachers to agree what progress looks like to support assessment across school. They indicate the end of year expectations within a writing module or theme, and show a logical sequence of working towards that end point. The publication has been planned using a WORD document, so that teachers can add their own small steps as they wish - the Writing Continuums are not set in stone, so that they can meet the needs of different teachers, different children, and different classes.

Along with the Writing Continuums themselves, there is a Powerpoint presentation to be used for staff training.

Writing Continuums take the hard work out of most aspects of planning and assessment, including assessment for learning, releasing the teacher to concentrate on other aspects of teaching. Writing Continuums answer the question: How will I get them from here to there? They ensure the steady steps from introductory learning, to embedded learning, and, ultimately, to deep and complex learning.

Extract from Ofsted draft Quality of Education: The curriculum is coherently planned and sequenced. Teachers and leaders use assessment well. Leaders understand the limitations of assessment and do not use it in a way that creates unnecessary burdens for staff or learners. Teachers support the intent of a coherently planned curriculum, sequenced towards cumulatively sufficient knowledge and skills.

The resource supports classroom teachers and the new Ofsted report by:
  • Supporting coherent planning and the sequencing of lessons
  • Giving a straightforward continuum of knowledge and skills, helping to ensure progress for all
  • Structuring the way in which teachers can both support and challenge learning, through a parallel to Bloom's hierarchy of skills
  • Supporting decisions as to the pitch of lessons
  • Giving clear criteria for assessment in all foundation subjects, to lessen the burden for teachers
  • Focusing on high expectations when children are applying key skills across the curriculum.

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