Developing Reasoning and Depth in Reading: Leading to Mastery of Reading Skills

by Clive Davies
Developing Reasoning and Depth in Reading: Leading to Mastery of Reading Skills


- Description
This publication provides support for teachers and school leaders who are looking at ways of developing pupils' deeper learning skills in reading.

  • Improve learners' ability to read beyond the text;
  • IDeepen their learning, by provoking learners to think more deeply;
  • Provide teachers with a framework to support deep learning through reading without destroying learners' love for literature;
  • Help link their reading to other curricular areas;
  • Support an enquiry based learning ethos;
  • It encourages pupils to consider questions they may want to ask about books that they read independently;
  • The structure used with the examples helps teachers to develop this approach with any text, not just the ones exemplified here.

What it is not about:
  • It does not attempt to test pupils' mastery skills;
  • It is not intended to be used exclusively with very able learners but should be part of the challenge provided for all learners;
  • The sheets are not intended as worksheets but merely to guide teachers as they deepen learning opportunities with other books.

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