Making Book Scrutiny More Meaningful: Linking Book Scrutiny to Teaching Judgements

by Clive Davies
Making Book Scrutiny More Meaningful: Linking Book Scrutiny to Teaching Judgements


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This publication provides all school leaders with excellent resources to make judgements about the quality of teaching over time. As you are aware, current inspection judgements about teaching put much greater emphasis on what pupils have recorded over time than ever before (see below):

'Spend more time looking at a range of pupils' work in order to consider what progress they are making in different areas of the curriculum.'

'Consider how you use assessment information to identify pupils who are falling behind in their learning and need additional support to reach their full potential, including more able.'

This publication takes seven areas, all with linked questions, and unpicks what should be seen in the books of pupils where there is evidence of outstanding, good, requires improvement or inadequate teaching.

In addition the publication breaks down in simple terms what you should be looking for when pupils are at the National Standard or when they have mastered the National Standards for each year group in writing and mathematics. There is also a clear indication of what to look for if pupils are at the National Standard for science.

The sections of the publication is also punctuated with examples of pupils' work to help illustrate the points being made.

This set consists of 1x Scrutiny A4 book and 4x Scrutiny A5 Minis
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ISBN: 978-1-909038-65-3
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Publisher: Focus Education UK Ltd
Published Date: May 2015
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