Planning for Rapid Progress in the Early Years

by Sarah Quinn
Planning for Rapid Progress in the Early Years



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This publication will support all staff in the Early Years to make 'fluff free' observations, plan for progress and explore mastery and depth in the Early Years. When used properly, progress accelerates in the Early Years.

You will consider the Early Years Foundation Stage supporting documents like 'Development Matters' or 'Early Years Outcomes' and how they support the planning for next steps.
You will also consider the developmental steps that may not be made explicit in the documents and how you can supplement the given information with a more detailed step-by-step journey. This should support the planning of next steps. There are examples of planning to support the process. You will find the 'tracking to the goal' part of the publication (originally developed by Clive Davies) has been added to and revised a little to better enable adults to see what it takes to become, for example, a competent writer.

You will also be able to consider the concept of mastery in the Early Years and how to assess children as exceeding the Early Learning Goals.

The publication also looks in more depth at the Characteristics of Effective learning and how staff can plan and observe the characteristics in action.

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Published Date: May 2015

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