A Year by Year Guide to Planning a Maths Curriculum

by Clive Davies
A Year by Year Guide to Planning a Maths Curriculum



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A critical concept of the new mathematics curriculum is that it encourages the learning of fewer things in greater depth. It also demands that great attention be paid to the sequencing of key concepts.

This publication which leads on from Simon Camby's 'Teaching Steps in Mathematics' can also be viewed as a stand-alone publication.

It looks at the concept of 'constructs' and provides teachers with a detailed plan for delivering the mathematics curriculum. It offers a week by week guide by indicating the small steps learners need to make so as to enable them to meet the national standard and then to master it. There are 6 units every half term and each of the units (delivered in a week) gives clear guidance as to the sequence learners require.
In addition it suggests which aspects of learning need to be re-visited on a half termly basis so that learners are mastering basic skills.

There is also a comprehensive set of examples for ensuring that pupils' reasoning skills are being developed appropriately in every year. These are presented in an electronic 'downloadable' format so that teachers can make immediate use of them.

The publication has been designed with a conscious effort to help teachers 'take control' of the mathematics curriculum and is aimed at the 'intelligent' teacher.

This publication can be used alongside commercially produced workbooks or can be used by teachers to develop their own materials and resources.

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