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About Clive Davies, OBE

Clive is a former headteacher and inspector, having inspected over 200 schools. His school gained a National Curriculum award and was featured in the Times Educational Supplement, one of three schools recognised for their quality practice.
He was awarded an OBE for his services to education in 2007.

The Importance of Retrieval in Supporting Children’s Long Term Memory

We are now aware that children ‘doing more, knowing more and remembering more’ is something that is continually referred to in the Education Inspection Framework and Handbook. Most of us have made many moves, including creating several resources, to help with children’s retrieval or ‘ability to remember key knowledge’.  ... View Article

Substantive and Disciplinary Knowledge | The Learning Challenge Curriculum

The Learning Challenge Curriculum is undergoing some changes... The focus on the quality of education remains Ofsted’s priority when judging if a school is still at least good. If a school wishes to secure a strong ‘good’ outcome then they have to appreciate the interrelationship between the curriculum intent, implementation,... View Article