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About Tim Nelson

Tim has been a headteacher with a successful track record; his last school had a reputation for innovation and their initiatives have been utilised by others and presented internationally.
School improvement has been at the heart of his career, working as an LLE, a School Improvement Partner, Professional Partner as well as an Ofsted inspector and mentor for trainee inspectors.

High Expectations – What is it?

This blog is an extract taken from Defining High Expectations in Your School by Tim Nelson. To find out more click here.     As you may expect, many schools use the phrase ‘high expectations’ in their mission statement, prospectus, website and other similar material when describing outcomes for their... View Article

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Floor books in primary education

Floor books in primary education If you have been to a conference or course where I’ve been speaking, you may have heard me referring to “The Peoples’ Independent Republic of Early Years”, hopefully before you nodded off or sneaked out early to deal with an ‘emergency’ back at school. It’s... View Article

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