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Tim has been a headteacher with a successful track record; his last school had a reputation for innovation and their initiatives have been utilised by others and presented internationally.
School improvement has been at the heart of his career, working as an LLE, a School Improvement Partner, Professional Partner as well as an Ofsted inspector and mentor for trainee inspectors.

I Spy a New Term

Before writing the usual blogs about all things educational that will appear throughout the year, I thought I would put together something that stems from the Summer holidays before they are too much of a distant memory and we all get back into the swing of a new term. On... View Article

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New to Headship and you get THE phone call

Congratulations on your headship! For those headteachers taking on the role for the first time this term, congratulations! It’s a brilliant and wonderful job in so many respects. Enjoy the role and the positive difference you will now make to the children. There are of course, pressures and potential downsides... View Article

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