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The Importance of Retrieval in Supporting Children’s Long Term Memory

We are now aware that children ‘doing more, knowing more and remembering more’ is something that is continually referred to in the Education Inspection Framework and Handbook. Most of us have made many moves, including creating several resources, to help with children’s retrieval or ‘ability to remember key knowledge’.  ... View Article

Character Education – The 6 Skills

The skills for ‘Character Education’ are suitably broken up into 6 areas Self Awareness Team Workers Being Resilient Commitment Problem Solver Showing Empathy These need to be taught and nurtured across all areas and ages. You may wish to view these as the ‘Learn to Live’ skills. We recognise that... View Article

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Key Assessment Criteria, Being a Historian.

Key Assessment Criteria We have provided teachers, subject leaders and school leaders with a useful document that looks at the key assessment criteria and helps teachers with the assessment of pupils’ progress in primary schools. This particular document focuses on how well pupils are doing in history.  The simple and... View Article

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