Monitoring and Evaluation of Subject Leaders

Monitoring and Evaluation of subject leaders

Monitoring subject leaders is crucial if you are to make judgments about the quality and success of a subject. It is one of the most difficult things to arrange, given the time constraints and fact that there are many subjects to monitor.

Senior leaders will need to make decisions about how and when to monitor subjects. This may involve a rolling programme or build on a system of focused and surface monitoring. Your Monitoring and Evaluation Policy will outline clearly which subjects are to be monitored when and by whom.

Monitoring need not be time consuming, provided time is well planned and those undertaking the monitoring are prepared to make judgments without too much deliberation.

Critically, before starting, make sure you know:

Monitoring and Evaluation

Are you clear about the difference between monitoring and evaluating?

Whilst this sounds obvious, many people slip into the trap of monitoring without due regard for evaluation. This often means that the monitoring is a complete waste of time as it does not impact on any changes being made.

  • Gathering evidence
  • Checking
  • Asking, ‘So what…?’
  • What does this mean for next steps?
  • What’s working well? What needs improving?

You need some kind of monitoring and evaluation in order to assess the IMPACT of your actions.

These templates outline a simple format for recording focused evaluations and monitoring subject leaders.

Subject Leaders Evaluation Teamplate Monitoring subject Leaders template

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